356 transmission mount for 519

519 20 522
New reproduction of the steel-rubber transmission mount for the preA 519 gear boxes.
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Steel wheels 16* x 3.25

356 68 021
Finally we have received the first small production (200) of
our new 16* steel wheels. Made in Italy.
We apologize for the delay, but some important improvements
had to be incorporated on request by the TUV authorities.
The final product is very good and very nice. You and your
customers will be pleased. We road tested 2 sets.
The date circle was left blank, your customer can, if he likes,
add month and year. The rims are painted in a high quality
primer paint as a good base for final paint in silver or car color.
We tested to chrome 4 rims with satisfactory result but the cost
was close to Euro 300.00 each! Therefore we do not offer the
chromed version.

Ref. part. Nr. 356 68 021
Size 3.25D x 16
TUV Nr. 874 0721
Single rim box 45x47x12.5 cm, 6.8 kg with box.
Included is copy of TUV in German, Italian and English plus design drawing.

Chromed rims on special request available
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356 12 bolt differential carrier

741 332 101 01
Made in Germany, good reproduction of the reinforced 12 bolt differential housing
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356 A Horn ring NEW production

ELE 347 811 01
Very nice and authetice A horn ring. Excellent quality Made in Italy.
Rubber seal for horn ring ELE 347 811 09
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911 steel lug nut for 4.5 Fuchs wheels

999 182 001 02
The first FUCHS alloy wheels 4.5"x15 arrived with the 911S in 1966. That wheel
was also optional for all 911-912 models.
The original lug nuts was made in steel (999 182 001 02) and not alloy (999 182 001 36) The alloy lug nut was introduced with the 5.5" wheels.

999 182 001 02 Steel lug nut
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Windshield wiper switch 4 connector / Single switch

ELE 613 501 00
Excellent reproduction of the original 4 connector 356 wiper switch with correct bullet connectors. For all 356A to B T5.
Small single switch for fuel pumps, fog light etc. with 2 screw connectors.
Correct beige and black knob with correct bezel.
The 4 conn. switch is also available in reverse function for the 4-cam CARRERA car. Push in - ON / Pull out - OFF
Bullet connectors for authentic installation.
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Transmission paper gasket set 741

741 300 111 00
excellent quality paper gasket rebuild kit
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356 front sway bar 17.5 mm

Fits all 356 models. Cold formed from chrome moly steel and hardened to 48 Rockwell just like the original bar, and then powder coated in satin black. Correct with tapered ends, and correct (but larger) clamps, for an authentic appearance. Complete with 20% harder rubber bushings for a positive feel without the problems associated with poly bushings (upper drop link bushings are two piece with a stainless sleeve to ease installation). Designed to improve street handling performance, and high speed stability, without compromising ride quality and originality.
The increase in stiffness is 85% for the 356A/B (originally equipped with a 15mm bar) and 42% for the 356C (originally equipped with a 16mm bar). Most aftermarket swaybars are not hardened. This reduces the cost but makes it necessary to use a larger bar to achieve the same rate. The W/R 17.5mm Sport Swaybar is hardened to 48 Rockwell just like the oem bar.
The first 356s had no front swaybar. In order to reduce the oversteering characteristics of the car, Porsche began using a front swaybar in late 1955. This bar was 15mm in diameter, and continued until late 1963. With the 356C the bar was increased to 16mm. To further reduce oversteer (and wandering), especially at high speeds, we experimented with bars up to 19mm. We found the 17.5mm bar to be the perfect size. It reduces oversteer to a minimum, flattens the car in cornering, but doesn't dramatically change the characteristics of the 356.
This bar is a must for all 356s, especially with wider wheels and tires!
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Ring and pinion 7:31 NEW

NEW production of the highest OEM quality by HOER - Klingenberg ring and pinion. Standard size of 7:31
There are all sorts of qualities in the market, make sure you buy the OEM quality.
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Transmission bearing 741 - 915

644 20 207 transmission bearing, also used as 915 302 399 05 for the 915 gear box. d30 D62 B20
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New production: Clamp nut for front axel - Klemmutter

Front axel clamp for Porsche 356 from 1956 to 911 and 912 up to 1989 and all 914. Soon not available from Porsche. Ref.Nr. 644 341 671 00 or 914 341 671 00.
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Transmission Rebuild Kit 716 and 741

NLA 300 003 00
Excellent complete transmission rebuild kit with all paper gaskets, 4 synchro rings, 4 roller bearing (hard to find) seals, washers, splints, clip rings etc.
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LED Brake and blinker light bulb NEW Design

New design LED brake and blinker bulb for vertical and horizontal use. Single and double connectors, 6 and 12 V.
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Porsche 356 911 6 and 12 V - LED control lights

New product. Now we have both LED instrument lights, for illumination and control lights
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Porsche 356 A B brake cylinder

695 351 511 00 upper right lower left - front
695 351 512 00 upper left lower right - front
695 351 513 01 rear
New reproduction, excellent qualtity, good price
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Alloy wheel spacers for 356 drum brakes

- 1/8" , 3mm, 160 gr.
- 1/4" , 6.5 mm, 350 gr.
- 1/2" , 13 mm, 680 gr.
- 3/4" , 19 mm, 1060 gr.
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356 and 911 LED instrument lights 6 and 12V

Very nice and bright LED instrument lights. Finally you see the dials at night and the important control lights in the day light. LED lights do not generate heat, therefore your instruments stay cool (no condense humidity inside the instruments !!) See pictures with regular 0,6 and 1.2 W lights and after with LED !! LED is 20X brighter then a regular 0,6W light bulb !!
Single and dual connectors.
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12 V armature for early windsh. wiper motor

For the 12 V conversion. Armature for the early A and B T5 windshield wiper motor
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NEW - Alloy wheels for 356 A B and C

NEW and outstanding all alloy rims for your 356 and 911. Very light.
A/B wheel 5x15 inch 4.3kg/9 lbs - factory wheel 4.5x15 6,8kg/15 lbs - Brazil chrom 5.5x15 7.7kg/17 lbs !!!

A/B wheel 5.0 x 15 and 6.0 x 15 - polished and brushed
C / 911 wheel 5.0 x 15 and 6.0 x 15 - 7.0 an 8.0 on request
prices range from Euro 650.00 to 775.00
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Carbon brush assembly

Pre A and 356A models have at least one carbon brush installed in the steering column. One is the contact for the horn and the other is for the light flashing function. Our German originals will restore those important electrical functions.
complete 7 pcs. NLA 347 731 00
Brush contact only NLA 347 732 00
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Grease fittings kit

NLA 163 001 00 34 pcs. kit
Grease fittings aren't all the same, these are the good German ones. The correct fittings in one kit for all 356 models, including special door hinge versions and square ?gun turrets" for front axle tubes. Made in Germany by the original supplier.
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Steering column support

Speedster and Convertible D
Top quality aluminium casting, nicely polished and with studs preinstalled.
Support 644 47 026 Rubber support 644 47 213
Rubber support Coupe 644 347 755 05
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Sway bar bushing kit

ELE 41 602
To restore handling, install new sway bar bushings. Our 8 pc. kit has the OE rubber, SS bolt, tube and nuts.To install use Silicon GREASE.
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Brake hardware set.

NLA 42 001 34 pcs. set
Set contains all springs, ?nails" and spring seats. Special plating for long life.
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Front suspension bearing & bushing

To completely renew your front suspension, replace the control arm bearings and inner bushings. After 30+ years, bearings are worn out.
356A-B, 20pcs kit NLA 341 014 00
356C, 16 pcs kit NLA 341 014 01
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Steering coupling kits

Proper restoration includes renewing the steering coupling joint and related hardware. Our kits include coupling, locking straps and special bolts.
Pre A thru 356B NLA 347 002 00
Pre A thru 356C NLA 347 003 00
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