Car jack - authentic reproduction 356, 911, 912

After one year of development and testing, we can offer authentic car jack’s
for the 356 from 1955 up to 911-912 1968 (1971) Made in Italy.

ELE 722 010 00 Car jack VIGOT-BILSTEIN, 356 A T1, 1956-57
(old ET number 356 72 106)
ELE 722 010 01 Car jack BILSTEIN, 356 A T2 - 356 B T5, 1958-1961
ELE 722 010 03 Car jack BILSTEIN, 356 B T6/C- 911-912, 1962-68 (71)

ELE 722 010 99 Car jack rubber buffer with spring

Porsche Classic sells under the original part nr. 644 722 010 00 a VW beetle jack !!!!!
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NEW Screwdrive 356C - 911 - 912

Small reproduction run of the correct red plastic handle screwdriver for the tool kit.
With KLEIN logo, for 356 C und 911/912 1964 to 1968
- long 25 cm flat blade
- shorter 20 cm Philips
With no company logo (we think KLEIN made them) with 10000 VOLT Made in Germany. 911/912 1969 to 1973
- long 25 cm beat blade
- shorter 20 cm Phiips
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PORSCHE work shop towels

ELE 721 915 01
Made in Germany by original producer of factory work shop towels. 100% cotton, heavy material, made for mechanics, can be hot washed many times. Or, put into the 356 or 911, 912, 914 tool kits.
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BOOKS - Herbert Linge and Neil's book Porsche 356A

Herbert Linge - Pionier in Pole Position
Germany text, written by Frank Wiesner, Delius Klasing Verlang

Herbert Linge started his apprenticeship at Porsche in 1943 ! He was the very first employee when the company moved back to Stuttgart in 1951. He was THE key guy to set up the dealer network in the USA and at the end of his career at Porsche he was the head of all Weissach workshops. Besides his impressive achievements within the company he was a VERY fast and reliable race drive. 6 x Sebring 12H, 12 x Le Mans 24H. 3 Mille Miglia and and and. He was the pilot who raced the Porsche 908 camera car for the LeMans movie with Steve McQueen and finished 8th overall with 4 extra stops to change the movie film !!
The book will most likely never be published in English.

All books hand signed by Linge !!

Neil's book
The 356 A Porsche - documented details
Neil Goldberg, Chuck Stoddard, Marco Marinello, Sebastian Gaeta

1958 356A coupe #103526 was purchased new in June 1958. For the next 51 years, the car was owned and maintained by just one individual who took great care in keeping the car as original as possible. The car remains exactly as delivered except for maintenance items. This book includes 214 color pictures that document the original manufacturing details of this car, with text by Marco Marinello and Chuck Stoddard.
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356 tool kit screwdriver

Very nice reproduction of the red wooden handle screw drivers for the Porsche 356 tool kit. Check your driver manual to see which one is correct for your tool kit.
Sierra Madre, USA, see dealer list
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Solex intake manifold

587 108 031 00
Exact reproduction of Solex intake manifold for 587, left an right the same.
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Holding piece for Solex 40 - 46 carburaters

692 108 315 00
Cast alloy holding clamp
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T shaft for V-drive

692 109 143 00
Excellent reproduction of the T - shaft for all V-drive for the 692 and 587 engines.
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Screw for pully

692 102 171 00
Excellent reproduction of the screw for the pully for the 692 and 587 Carrera engines with V-drive
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Carrera all generator pully

692 603 421 00
Nice reproduction of generator pully, all 547 - 692 - 587
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Porsche Carrera generator housing screws

These are the correct screws with 2 lengh for all 4-cam Carrera generator housing.
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Porsche Carrera all engine fan housing screws

These are the correct shap and finish screws for the fan housing on all Carrera 4-cam engine 1500, 1600 and 2000
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