Porsche 356 Carrera GT NOS 80L fuel tank

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New Old Stock original GT fuel tank in wooden transport box. No date stamped. Fits 356A and B T5. Optional for all 356 but only standard in the GT models.
VERY rare to find a NOS one.
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2 NOS cylinder heads for 2L 587 GT or 904

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Most likely the only 2 NOS 2L GT or 904 cylinder heads in the world.
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Porsche 356 A and B T5 heated windscreen

Porsche racing Department offered optional for the 356 A and B T5 CARRERA GT a heated windscreen. 12V.
In 1990 a small production run was made and this is the very last one we have.
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NOS MAHLE 1500GS - RS Spyder piston cylinder

Part. Nr. 692 103 902 00, 85 mm, new old stock piston cylinders for 1500GS and 550 Spyder. In storage for
over 50 years.
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AUTOPULSE Carrera fuel pump 6V - 12V

EUR Inquire 547 08 405
All 547 and 692 Carrera 356 and Spyder had the AUTOPULSE fuel pumps, mounted on the front torsion tubes. it has been difficult to find them and it is very difficult to rebuild them since there are no spare parts available. Two desperate and ingenious 4-cam owners in Germany made it their task to find a proper solution. We are glad that we can offer now complete ready to mount fuel pumps in 6 and 12V.
We also offer them on a exchange base or outright. All pumps are profesionally tested for function and correct fuel pressure.
Shipping will be from and to German address. See pdf for more details.
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Carrera 1500 - 1600 - 2L oil tank

EUR 1'600.00
Exact and very nice reproduction of the oil tanks. With correct inner baffles and attachments. Correct shape.
Need to be fluid and pressure tested and painted.
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Spyder 550 RS Revolution Counter Chronometrical !

EUR 7'200.00
Chronometrical -Tell Tail - Rev. counter 115mm for Porsche 550 Spyder, Swiss high precision hand made. One of a kind. Only some factory cars had such instruments.
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Carrera 1500-1600 Chronometrical Rev. counter

EUR sold
Chronometrical -Tell Tail - Rev. counter 100mm for Porsche 356 Carrera 1500-1600, Swiss high precision hand made. One of a kind.
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550 Spyder rev. counter tell tail

EUR 7200.00
Outstanding SWISS quality of the 550 revcounter with mechanical drag indicator (tell tail) with release button on the backside. 115 mm diameter. A real work of art.
The most famous 356 A Carrera Coupe, the Str?hle car V-2, has such a instrument installed.
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New Old Stock 4-cam distributor rotor

EUR 350.00
a few pieces found of original 4-cam rotors
fits all (no resistors)
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Oil pump 692 and 587

EUR 3400.00
New production of high quality oil pump for all 692 1600 and 587 2000 4-cam engines. Tested and checked by Karl Hloch, produced in Swabian quality.
Euro 3400.00
Ref. part nr. 587 107 002 00
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Valve retainers new Titanium

Excellent dual valve spings (Spyder) retainer in Titanium.
fits all 4-cam with dual springs.
547 spyder
547A 1mm
547B 2mm
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NEW 4-cam distributors with cap and rotor

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We finally achieved to have the impossible to find 4-cam distributors reproduced. They look and work 100% perfect. All tested and matched. We can also provide full rebuild of any original distributor in any condition. The improvement in performance on any 4-cam with new or fully rebuilt distributors is very impressive. Stop playing with the carburetors, get the distributors right and you will be happy with your engine !!
The development and testing was done by Karl Hloch, Germany, the design and production by the best distributor technician we ever met !
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Carrera oil thermostat

New small production of the thermostat for all Carrera 692 and 587 with front oil coolers, also used on 904 and all Spyders.
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692 and 587 distributor drive shaft

EUR 250.00
Reproduction of the distributor drive shaft for V - drive 4-cam engines
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Carrera 2 GS front oil cooler

EUR 1850.00 per kit
New reproduction of the 2 L Carrera GS and GT front oil cooler. Excellent performance. Don't take any risk with old rusty coolers. Kit includes 2 oil cooler, 2 housing and 2 vinyl protector. Also advised for any serious push rod race engine with any B or C car.
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WEBER 48 carburator NEW

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1 set of 2 brand new WEBER 48 IDA, used on Spyder 60-61, Elva, some 904. Also used on COBRA.
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Abarth GTL or RS mechanical tach

EUR 7'200.00
115 mm housing, perfect new reproduction of the authentic Smith mechanic tachometer with tell tail. All parts new.
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Porsche 550 NEW original hood emblem

EUR 600.00
Very rare original Spyder hood emblem, New Old Stock, flat badge, we supply the mounting peg. 40 x 30 mm
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10 000 RPM 100 mm for Porsche 356 !!

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One of, fits any Porsche 356, for the ultimate 356 racer. 12 V
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Porsche Abarth, RS, RSK, 10'000 rpm tachometer electric

Oustanding tachometer, 10'000 rpm, 115 mm diameter (normal 356 100 mm) for RSK, RS60 RS 61, Carrera Abarth GTL. curved glass, excellent Swiss work. 12V, 4 cylinder
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Spyder 550A, RSK, RS60 - 61 oil temparature instrument

EUR 1000.00
Perfect 52 mm oil temperature instrument with sensor for many Porsche race car or for your hot rod 356. 12 V.
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Spyder 550A, RSK, RS60 - 61 oil pressure instrument

EUR 1100.00
Perfect 52 mm oil pressure instrument with sensor for many Porsche race car or for your hot rod 356. 12 V. Dual sensor for indicator light and gauge.
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Carrara 547 F & S pressure plate NOS

EUR 250
NOS Carrera pressure plate F & S 200
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Carrera GT - Spyder baby moon hub cap alloy

EUR 600.00 for 5 pcs
Excellent reproduction of the GT baby moon hub cap for all Carrera GT and Spyder.
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Porsche 356 A and T5 80L GT fuel tank

EUR 2'750.00
This is a outstanding reproduction of the original 80L fuel tank for the 356A and the 356 B T5. Most Carrera GT had this tank instaled but it was optional for all 356 at that time. Great for Rally drivers and great for looks.
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