356 A, B and Spyder GT brake drums

Eur sold
One set of very good used 60mm Porsche 356 Carrera GT front brake drums. With original GT brake shoes.
Both measure standard 280mm, one has a small nick from storage, but nothing to worry.
Used standard on all Carrera GT's, 356A to B and also available as option for all A and B models. Impressive improvement in braking power.
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Porsche Spyder 550 original canvas top

For the homologation it was mandatory to have a folding "cabrio" top frame. Moste 550 Spyder's were delivered with such a top.
This is an original old top, most likely never used. canvas and plexi in good but old condition.
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Carrera 2 rear engine cover

EUR 1200.00
Used engine cover for Carrera 2
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Carrera 1500GS exhaust

Nearly NOS 1500GS exhaust and one heat exchanger.
Used once on test bench many years ago.
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Carrera piston cylinder used

Eur 1'800.00
Assorted collection of used piston and cylinder, mostly 2L and some 1600. Some are usable.
Sold only all together.
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Original AUTOPULS 1500GS

- used old fuel pump Autopuls for all 1500GS Euro 3000.00. SOLD
- used fuel filter, only filter no pressure function Euro 500.00
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HIRTH crankshaft parts for 1500 GS and Spyder

EUR Inqire
Collection of original 4-cam HIRTH roller crank parts.
- 18 cages, 6 main cage ring, 7 con.rods, 8 connecting pieces, 9 end pieces, 1 center piece, 13 screws, 1 OE crank tool. Some pieces are 54mm.
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VDM wood steering wheel for Carrera GT

EUR make offer
These wonderful wooden steering wheels were installed in all late 356 A Carrera GT or optional for any 356. Very good old condition with great patina. Excellent original horn button. Comes from a GT sold to Cuba in 1957.
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356 A GT alloy door

EUR 4'500.00 firm
Used original GT driver door. Fits 356 A or T5. Body number: xxx 314 - could be ?? 103 314 ?
Needs some work but I have seen worse...
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1958, PORSCHE Spyder RSK-RS60-RS61

Original mechanical tachometer - rev. counter in working condition but should be cleaned. Original curved front lens. Date stamp ? 7.58 ?
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Carrera 2GS Eberspächer heater

EUR sold
Original and very rare Ebersp?cher BN4 12V heater with correct hot air connector piece. No muffler.
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Set of front 356 Carrera 2 annular brakes

EUR make offer
2 brake discs (9,8mm - 9.6 mm) and 2 annular pieces plus 4 new brake pads
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Porsche 356 T6 fiberglass GT front hood

EUR 2'500.00
Very nice fiberglass B T6 GT front hood with fuel filler hole. Excellent shape and fit. It will fit 100% a perfect car !!??
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1600 2000 crank shaft pully

EUR 300.00 each
2 nice and clean original crank shaft pully
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1500 - 1600 stinger exhaust

EUR 600.00
Non factory, home made but good performing stinger exhaust for 1500 and 1600.
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Carrera interm. shaft 1600 2000 and 587 gasket set

EUR Inquire
- NOS intermediat shaft for Carrera 1600 2000 SOLD
- NOS 587 gasket set
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Carrera 2 GS one dot cams

EUR 400.00
8 used 2 L GS cams
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