356 sheet metal NOS

- 356 B-C rear section NOS Euro sold
- 356 B T5 front nose NOS Euro sold
- 356 A front nose NOS Euro sold

- 356 B C rear section used 800.00
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Rare 356 A T1 instrument 6V

EUR 1100.00
Fully and perfect rebuilt 356 A -57 dual instrument with the oil temperature in Celsius. Correctly calibrated with matching temperature sensor. Can be used in all 356 for better looks.
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2 Very rare HELLA bee hive blinker glas

EUR 600.00 both
Original new GLASS Hella blinker lenses for all pre A made by Gl?ser. maybe also on very early Reutter ?
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1500 gasket set from 1952

EUR 150.00
Original gasket set from ca 1952 for the 1500 (1300?) engine. Some of the gaskets are very unique that can not be found in this quality anymore, some of the rubber or stone hard.......
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3rd gear for 356

EUR 680.00
New production of 3A short gear, 22:27. Good option for Rally driving.
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356 fuse box, all up to 356 B T5

EUR 200.00
New correct fuse box with offset screw. Connector bridges must be corrected to 356 spec.
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Rear quarter window hinge for Karmann notchback and Hardtop

EUR 250.00
2 NOS left and right chrome hinges
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356 gearbox intermediate plate 741 NOS

EUR 300.00
NOS 741 301 211 00, NOS intermediate plate for the gearbox. They don't really brake but the bearing seats wore out !!
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60 mm GT brake drums

EUR 644 42 045
Excellent reproduction of the 60 mm GT Carrera front brake drums. Fits 356 A and B. Kit includes 2 drums, 4 shoes with racing liner, alloy brake cylinder spacers, long bleader, bearings and seals. The GT drums were optional available from Porsche for all 356 from 1956 to 1961. The original installation by Porsche used spacers at the rear axel to maintain equal track width.
For the racer, we offer a drilled race version for better cooling and better
brake dust removal.Add Euro 600.00 per set.
Tested and used on many race 356 since 1992. Made in Italy.
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