SOLEX 40 PII rebuilt - airfilter

EUR 3000.00
One set of original Solex 40 carburetors for Porsche 356 S90. SC or 912. Professionally rebuilt by U Dubach in Switzerland. Early solid shaft. Tested. 2 original old air filter with the KNECHT logo . Fully refurbished.
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356 Rudge wheel spinners

Eur 1000.00
New and used Porsche 356 Rudge wheel spinner parts.
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Oil-pressure gauge 6V

60 mm oil-pressure gauge, optional, used in A to C next or instead of clock. Rare 6V.
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356 VDO clocks

All fully rebuilt and tested
Pict. 4059-61
- 12 V with seconds, mechanical, E 650.00
Pict. 4062-64
- 6 V mechanical E 550.00
Pict. 4065-67
- 6 or 12 V, quartz movement, second, E 650.00
Pict. 4068-70
- 12 V mechanical, E550.00
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356 Heat exchanger for Export heat system

EUR 1000.00
2 used heat exchanger for Export heather system. Used, need work but better then nothing. There are no reproductions.
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Porsche 356 B and C shift linkage lock

EUR 300.00
Used original rare shift linkage lock for all 356 B and C. No key, but this is available from the specialists. with long shift linkage and lock counter part mounted on linkage.
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