356 RUDGE wheels set

EUR 28'500.00 net
One set of 4 nice, rechromed original RUDGE wheels.
- 4 wheels with new tires - sorry no 5th wheel
- 4 good drums, all 280 mm
- 4 spinners
One spinner is a little bent, rear drum splines needs machining or replacing. Stored near Stuttgart, Germany.
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356 roof clip B T6 - C

Eur sold
Original roof clip for late T6 Coupe. No shipping, only pick up and cash.
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Porsche 356 A original RUDGE wheel set

Porsche supplied optional center lock Rudge wheels for the 356 cars. This is a set of good 4 wheels, all dated with 10.1958, 4 good A brake drums - 2 front - 2 rear and 4 spinners. Rudge wheels were sold mostly chromed but also available painted in silver or car color. 4 1/2J x 15 Made by Kronprinz.
Sorry, no 5th spare wheel. Stored in Italy.
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Distributor 1956 to 1962

EUR sold
VJ4 BR9, distributor in good condition. They are getting hard to find in good order.
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Original transmission factory tools

EUR sold
Collection of VW - Porsche factory tools for gearbox rebuilding. Very rare tools, good condition. You find the description of these tools in the 356 repair shop manual for the early gearbox.
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Oil-pressure gauge 6V

60 mm oil-pressure gauge, optional, used in A to C next or instead of clock. Rare 6V.
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Pre-A fuel gauge

52 mm original and rebuilt fuel gauge. Optional on the pre A. Date 5.55
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356 VDO clocks

All fully rebuilt and tested
Pict. 4059-61
- 12 V with seconds, mechanical, E 650.00
Pict. 4062-64
- 6 V mechanical E 550.00
Pict. 4065-67
- 6 or 12 V, quartz movement, second, E 650.00
Pict. 4068-70
- 12 V mechanical, E550.00
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Veigel 1500 Super tachometer 1952

EUR 1100.00
Fully rebuilt, very nice 1500 Super Veigel tachometer, stamped 3.1952

2 non restored instruments, Euro 950 each
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356 B T6 MATTER original roll bar

EUR 1500.00
Original roll bar for all B T6 and T5
sorry, no shipping, only pick up.
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Fully rebuilt Zentith carburators

EUR sold
Zenith NDIX 32 for all S75 and C engine. Fully professionally rebuilt with new butterfly, jets, springs.
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356 Heat exchanger for Export heat system

EUR 1000.00
2 used heat exchanger for Export heather system. Used, need work but better then nothing. There are no reproductions.
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Porsche 356 B and C shift linkage lock

EUR 300.00
Used original rare shift linkage lock for all 356 B and C. No key, but this is available from the specialists. with long shift linkage and lock counter part mounted on linkage.
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Original Horn button B C

EUR Sold
Very nice, perfect original horn button for Porsche 356 B and C
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356 engine case, 1300 S - one of only 92 built

EUR 7'500.00
Magnesium original engine case Nr. 50059, type 589, 1300 S. This is rarer then any 4-cam !! Porsche only built 92 Type 589 and 62 Type 589/2 engines.
This engine was originally installed in Vin 52046, pre A Reutter Coupe delivered to AMAG.
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1959 Continental 5.60 - 15 original tires

EUR inquire
3 original Continental Record 5.60 - 15 tires from 1959 - 1960. Many 356 were factory equipped with these tires.
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