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Small collection early 911 - 356 parts

EUR 23'000.00
Sold from a shop near Zürich.
- 1965 engine nr. 902809 from Mai 1965, wrong but rare Weber 40IDS, ran 20 years ago, turns
- gearbox 901 from the same car with later shafts
- rear trailing arms with brakes
- Fuchs rims, 4x5,5 9.67-2x5,5 1.69-1x5,5 8.70-1x6 6.68
- 356 steel rims 4,5x15 dates 2.61, 3.58, 5.62
- A and B brake drums with backing plates
- head lights 356 mostly seal beam, one set with Marshal yellow
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Porsche 911 S/T 2.3 and 2.5 rear engine cover

EUR 2500.00 SOLD
New Old Stock rear engine cover for the S/T 911. To expensive for replica cars. This IS the real piece with Part. Nr.
Article No. 753 - Contact: Email or Form

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