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1965 911 engine 2.0 L 901/01 - 303221

EUR 40'000.00
Used, disassembled, nearly complete early 911 engine. Porsche internal production number 3324 corresponds to engine nr. 903424, which was installed in VIN 303221 in December 1965.
Condition of crank shaft unknown, still installed, turns freely. No visible damages. Correct Solex carburetors, rare air-filter housing, early chain housing covers, dual fuel pumps. Most cast parts dated with 1964 or 1965.
Engine is stored in Germany.
Article No. 1468 - Contact: Email or Form

2 NOS cylinder heads for 2L 587 GT or 904

EUR inquire
Most likely the only 2 NOS 2L GT or 904 cylinder heads in the world.
Article No. 1527 - Contact: Email or Form

Porsche 901-911 SOLEX 40PI set

EUR 18'000.00
Used set of early, original Solex for 911 with air intake, left and right chain housing with covers and twin fuel pump. All needs rebuilding.
Article No. 1526 - Contact: Email or Form

Original AUTOPULS 1500GS

- used old fuel pump Autopuls for all 1500GS Euro 3000.00. SOLD
- used fuel filter, only filter no pressure function Euro 500.00
Article No. 1517 - Contact: Email or Form

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