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NOS long rocker arms

616 103 034 01 NOS rockerarms for all 356 3 pcs. engines.
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356 gearbox intermediate plate 741 NOS

EUR 300.00
NOS 741 301 211 00, NOS intermediate plate for the gearbox. They don't really brake but the bearing seats wore out !!
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FUCHS 4,5 x 15 for 1967 911S

Full set of 5 very nice refurbished FUCHS rims. Very hard to find. 4 are excellent, the spare is refurbished but still has some small pitting.
Only the 67 S was equipped with these 4.5 forged Fuchs rims. Many S owner switched in 1968 to the 5.5" rim to mount larger and better tires.
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Porsche 911 2.7 RS LW spare kit

EUR sold
Very rare FUCHS space safer spare wheel, never used, original for the 2.7RS Light Weight, perfect jack, driver manual with nice binder, air pump and nice original tool kit. VERY rare to find these parts
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Porsche 904 GTS steel alloy rims 6x15

2 used but very good original steel alloy rims for the
904, or any 356C or 911. Date 3-65
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Carrera 1500GS exhaust

Nearly NOS 1500GS exhaust and one heat exchanger.
Used once on test bench many years ago.
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Porsche Spyder 550 original canvas top

For the homologation it was mandatory to have a folding "cabrio" top frame. Moste 550 Spyder's were delivered with such a top.
This is an original old top, most likely never used. canvas and plexi in good but old condition.
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Porsche 911 "R" body kit

Complete set of front hood, 2 front fenders, front bumper, doors, rear lid, rear bumper.
For 911 SWB car, came off a real 911R in the 90's. Rear lid and front hood have alloy frames. Front fenders are bumper are for wide body. Old fiberglass parts, not bad quality but we don't think they are factory. The R was raced in France then sold to America and restored.
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