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Rims and wheels

33 pieces of racing rims for Porsche 917, 935, 934 etc made by BBS. 5 pieces of genuine Porsche magnesium.
Sold as package only.
Article No. 1548 - Contact: Email or Form

Porsche spare tire - tool kit set 2.7RS - 2.4 L

EUR 4'000.00
Set of new space safer spare tire 1973, original jack, driver manual with correct binder and nice tool kit. With correct tool pouch. Working compressor. All in good condition.
Article No. 1508 - Contact: Email or Form

356 RUDGE wheels set

EUR sold
One set of 4 nice, rechromed original RUDGE wheels.
- 4 wheels with new tires - sorry no 5th wheel
- 4 good drums, all 280 mm
- 4 spinners
One spinner is a little bent, rear drum splines needs machining or replacing. Stored near Stuttgart, Germany.
Article No. 1496 - Contact: Email or Form

Set of Carrera 60mm GT brakes

One full set of front and rear original GT brakes for 356B T5 GT or Carrera Abarth GTL. Would fit also 356A. Original reenforced backing plates with air scoop on front and air vent holes on rear. All drums measure 280,0 to 280,5. No blue heat spots. 2 hand brake cables.
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Porsche Carrera engine 692/0 parts - NOT complete

EUR 95'000.00
Original engine case 692/0, KD*P*91040.
- good engine case with intermediate shaft
- HIRTH crank shaft with new fly wheel
- two 15-1600 cylinder heads
- 1600GS street exhaust system
- Solex carburetors with manifolds and air filter
- pre heater sheet metal pieces
All parts are original but need to be rebuilt.
Article No. 1549 - Contact: Email or Form

Green instruments for 911, 911S and 912

EUR 1800.00
Collection of 7 original early green face instruments. Sold only in package.
Article No. 1542 - Contact: Email or Form

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