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Porsche 911 2.2S fuel injection pump 009

Original fuel injection pump for the 911 2.2S. Needs checking but seems ok.
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Small collection early 911 - 356 parts

EUR 18'000.00
Sold from a shop near Zürich.
- 1965 engine nr. 902809 from Mai 1965, wrong but rare Weber 40IDS, ran 20 years ago, turns
- gearbox 901 from the same car with later shafts
- rear trailing arms with brakes
- Fuchs rims, 4x5,5 9.67-2x5,5 1.69-1x5,5 8.70-1x6 6.68
- 356 steel rims 4,5x15 dates 2.61, 3.58, 5.62
- A and B brake drums with backing plates
- head lights 356 mostly seal beam, one set with Marshal yellow
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Green instruments for 911, 911S and 912

EUR 2500.00
Collection of 7 original early green face instruments. Sold only in package.
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WEBER carburetor 40 IDT

EUR 800.00
One set of very nice used WEBER's for 911T and 911L
left and right
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Porsche spare tire - tool kit set 2.7RS - 2.4 L

EUR 4'800.00
Set of new space safer spare tire 1973, original jack, driver manual with correct binder and nice tool kit. With correct tool pouch. Working compressor. All in good condition.
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