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Original Porsche 916 914-6 gearbox

EUR Inquire
VERY RARE original 915 gearbox for the Porsche 916. The 916 was the special 914-6 Version with 2.4L engine. Only a few cars were built and then replaced by the 2.7RS.
This rare gearbox allows to use the strong 915 gearbox in a 914-6. The small original 901-911 gearbox in a 914-6 is not strong enough for the bigger more powerful engines.
This gearbox was used only once or twice. The ratio is very short, it has a limited slip. This is a must have gearbox for any powerful 914-6 sport or race car.
The special shift linkage to fit a 915 gearbox into a 914-6 has been copied by several vendors. Some good some not so good but always expensive since it is very complicated.
This gearbox is THE REAL THING. You will not find an other one !
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IWC Porsche design Titan watch

EUR 2'000.00
Used but in good condition. From ca 1983. Very nice chronograph by IWC.
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Rebuilt 356 - 912 SC engine

EUR 16'000.00
High Swiss quality and fully rebuilt engine - 12V engine. new balanced crankshaft, new MAHLE piston cylinders, rebuilt dynamo and carburetors etc. Standard 1600 ccm with original SC cam shaft, improved ports, balanced and polished con rods. Ca 95 to 100 hp. No engine nr. stamped, new third piece crank case cover.
Test run of engine 12. June, runs very nice. included are: new muffler, new 200mm 356 flywheel, new airfilters.
Ask for short video clip of running engine.
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PORSCHE 936 Junior 1:2

Original 936 junior with Briggs & Stratton engine, 2 speed forward and reverse gearbox.
Hase been used and needs some attention but otherwise a great and rare exhibit piece. Great for LeMans Classic kid race.
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