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Personally I could't agree more, I collect sale brochures, technical information, posters, models and more. I found it very satisfying to document your Porsche or just collect fascinating objects about a model you may never have the chance to own.

All of the information that Porsche published have outstanding graphics and excellent design. Up until a few years ago, Porsche AG very rarely ran big advertising campaigns but they always printed very nice sale brochures, posters and other information.


Small collection of 8 original Le Mans poster. 1965, 66, 71,77, 79, 81, 82, 84
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EUR inquire
Original Porsche poster, inquire for prices or make an offer. From Euro 50.00 to 400.00.
Most of them in good condition.
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PORSCHE 2.7 RS collection

EUR 1'900.00
Original, top condition 2.7RS sales brochure with additional page. Rare, in French language. SCHUCO model, rare red version, with key and box. Original factory rear lid CARRERA sticker.
(RS brochures sell at Ladenburg auction between Euro 1500 to 1800)
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Steve McQueen - Le Mans movie poster set 1971

EUR 6'000.00
1971, original Movie theater advertising post set for the famous LE MANS movie with Mr. Cool - Steve McQueen. Printed and used for the Italian theaters.
VERY rare to find a complete new set. Condition good with some minor defects from storage. Size 45 x 64 cm, 12 poster. (Inch ca 17 x 25)
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Wall lettering

EUR sold out
7 letters, O, P, R, S, E, H, C - scrabble your own word !
Very nice and decorative plexiglass wall lettering. Each letter 34 x 17 cm and 7.5 cm deep. Full length ca 2.50 - 2.60 meter. They can be illuminated with LED endless lightning systems. (christmas tree lightning) To be mounted as single letters or pre-mounted on two tracks.
Pictures for sample mounting with LED from a enthusiast in CA, USA......
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Leather bags 911

Genuine leather in silver with early 911 logo. Made in Italy for us. Small bag 50 x 30 x 30 cm, large 50 x 30 x 45. Holds easy 2 helmets and all race gear.
Large Euro 375, small 325.
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Hans Mezger 80th birthday badge

EUR make offer
To celebrate the 80th birthday of Hans Mezger, the father of the 917 and the TAG F1 engine and many more outstanding engineering achievements, a limited series of only 100 badges and posters were produced. This unique memorabilia was given to a hand full people that were invited at the party and less then a hand full was left over.....
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