Rallye des Alpes, Tour Auto, Monte Carlo, Classic Marathon, Routes des Vosges, The Irish trial...

Vintage car Rally EVENTS have become very popular.

For over 25 years, I have participated in countless Porsche events and vintage Rally's. Finding myself in the middle of the desert in Syria or in the endless forests of east Poland, I try to make sure that I carry the correct spare parts, tools and accessories with me.

I like to introduce a new product line of helpful items to get you to the finishing line and also back home. Keep checking the page, I will add more items in the near future.

LED Brake and blinker light bulb

EUR 29.50 min 4.
New LED light bulb for 6 V and 12 V cars for brighter stop and blinker lights. 10x brighter then regular 18W, no heat, last for 1000 hours. Single and double connector. B15s and B15d.
Article No. 466 - Contact: Email or Form

MARCHAL Fog and Long Range Rally lights

Excellent exclusive reproduction of the world famous MARCHAL lights from the late 50's and 60's. Used OE on the Ferrari 250 and used by countless Rally drivers.
Type 670 Fog - Type 672 Long Range, in 6 V and 12 V, with Tungsten bulbs or H3, with clear or yellow bulbs.
Set includes 2 lights of your choice, 1 relay, 1 cable connector
Long range SOLD OUT.
Article No. 438 - Contact: Email or Form

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