Check YOUR model of Porsche 356

We like to provide you with this small and simple tool to check any Porsche 356 (1949-1965) chassis number. Just type any Porsche 356 chassis no. and our data file will tell you more about that car.

Check the Original Engine No. for your Porsche 356

Would you like to know the original engine number for your Porsche 356? Using the form below send us your chassis VIN number, your email address AND a good picture of the silver manufacturer ID plate next to the fuel tank. We have to find the information manually so please allow a few days, and in case of holiday a bit longer. This information is supplied WITHOUT liability!

JPEG images only. Maximum size of4.0 MB.

Note: Your email will not be given to third-party companies but you may receive email information about new 356 restoration parts.

Porsche 356 REUTTER Certificate

Owners of a Porsche 356 with Reutter body can obtain a very nice authenticity certificate about their car from the Reutter archive. It describes your car how it was delivered from Reutter to Porsche. Color, interior details, no engine or gearbox information.

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