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When 3 to 4 guys get together with similar interest in Europe we call this "Stammtisch" (tavern round table) when the number of guys increases they found a club. Owning and driving Porsche cars was always something special for very individual characters. In order to better enjoy their unusual cars and share automotive camaraderie, friendship as well as participate in motor sport many Porsche Clubs were founded in the 1950's and 1960's. This endorsed both the unique nature of the individuals involved and the clubs themselves.This is why many large cities fostered more than one Porsche Club.

In researching the Porsche Club links, I noticed that nowadays more and more Clubs have adopted the same appearance, or should I say "uniform". I dont care for that expression but sad to say , their appearance IS uniform and hence uninspiring. How dull! How boring! How sad that the stength of collective, individualism should be diluted in such a manner. What has happened to this individualism and independence? What happened to the pride you invested in YOUR Clubs? What happened to the unique creative graphic emblems? Is it possible that some of us are selling our souls for few short term, insignificant benefits?

Porsche Clubs worldwide have thrived on the input of individuals, grown and prospered by recognising that not everyone's idea of a perfect Porsche is a NEW one. Our strength is derived from the absolute confidence in that philosophy. So why now, are we being abused as mere "marketing tools" !?

The DIN (Deutsche Industrie Norm) standard of conformity has similarly become respected worldwide, reflecting the importance of establishing reference for a uniform benchmark standard in the industrial arena. Standardisation is fine in the industrial world but do we really want DIN PORSCHE CLUBS?

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