Offers for Very Rare Porsche Cars

As a result of the excellent relations we have with Porsche enthusiasts throughout the world we are able to offer some very rare Porsche cars. Most of the cars are in our facilities in Zürich-Switzerland. We will provide all necessary documents and we take care of the money transfers. If you happen to have an interesting, rare or unusual model for sale or trade let us know. We help you with the sale or advice you about the current price situation. In respect of the current and future owner (which may be you) we don't list the full chassis number, upon application, all pertinent data will be available to the potential purchaser.

New Entries

Porsche 356 sculpture - 111 Years Reutter company

This massive, wonderfull 356 sculpture is inspired from the silver 356 model to celebrate the 111 year anniversary of Reutter coach company. 1906-2018. They made most of the 356 cars. All you see, feel and touch on a 356 is made by Reutter. Body, paint, interior.
They had the brilliant idea to have a 111 pieces limited production made of this model. Hand crafted in bronze with a wonderful bronze silver finish. It weighs nearly 4 KG - 9 pounds and measures 35 cm (one foot) It comes in a numbered, hand made wooden box, with a Reutter shop towel and a matching branded car cover. All models are numbered xxx/111

To inquire or order contact Guido Eickholz at
Guido Eickholz
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PORSCHE 936 Junior 1:2

Original 936 junior with Briggs & Stratton engine, 2 speed forward and reverse gearbox.
Hase been used and needs some attention but otherwise a great and rare exhibit piece. Great for LeMans Classic kid race.
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PORSCHE 916, 4 - cam 911 engine

The Porsche 916 engine is the most unknown but also the most fascinating race engine Porsche, especially Hans Mezger, developed. Work started early 1967. For an initial production parts were ordered for 10 engines. They were used in the 911R and also for testing in the 910. The power was very good but the overall performance was not fully developed. During this development, the FIA rules got changed to 3L for Sport Prototype cars. Mezger took the 916 engine and added 2 more cylinders to create the 908 3L engine. Later on, the same 4-cam layout became the famous 917 12 cylinder engine.
At the time, there was no funds and time to further develop this incredible 4-cam 6 cylinder 911 engine. The people involved with this project at the time kept dreaming to finish their work. Luckily they kept all of theirs notes and records.
Now, finally all of their ideas came together to build this engines again, with displacement from 2.0 - 2.5 and even up to 3.0 L. The first two engines are running and the performance is VERY impressive. Exactly as Mr. Mezger had calculated at the time but never got the possibly to finish his work.

There may be some confusion about the Type number 916. The same number was also given to the 914-6 2.4S project car. That project got stopped when Porsche and VAG split again and the development on the 914-6 stopped. To replace that car, the 2.7RS was introduced in a hurry to have a top of the line performance car for the race drivers.
This 914-916 project has nothing to do with the real 916 race engine.
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1953, 1300 N 356 engine, rare

Original rare 506 engine, 1300 Normal, Engine number P-21308, built February 1953. The 506 2 piece engines were produced from 1951 till 1954.
Missing parts, carburetors Solex 32 PBI, linkage, filter and lower sheet metal, distributor, fuel pump. Engine runs.
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1970, PORSCHE 914-6

EUR 85'000.00
Very nice original and rare 914-6. The car was bought in very original unmolested condition in 2012 in California and imported to Switzerland. The car has the correct engine which was rebuild some time ago and improved. The car was completely painted in 2012 in Switzerland to a high standard. Technically bought to Swiss level. Invoices of over CHF 30'000.00. Runs and drives excellent. It was used in some vintage car events. Equipped with Tripmaster and period Cibie. Swiss MFK with vintage car code 180.
It is very hard today to find such honest and unmolested 914-6's !!
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911 2.7 RS engine

EUR 58'000.00
Rebuilt and tested, 1974 2.7RS engine. No engine number stamped, type 911/83, engine case casting 44/74. ca 4000 km, test bench run by RUF November 2015. Runs excellent, rebuilt by Porsche engine expert Paddy O'Grady. Ready to install. Stored near Stuttgart.
Video of engine test available.
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911 Type 3.0 RSR race engine NEW

EUR 59'000.00 firm
Built by one of the best Swiss engine builders HP Sutter. Engine case prepared SC 3L, Crank polished standard size, all new bearings, connecting rod polished steel , new MAHLE sport piston cylinders 10,6:1, heads fully flow prepared 43/43mm, twin plug with Bosch (replica) distributor, racing oil filter, high butterfly alloy 50mm, SC/RS type air housing, cams 964Cup, cold start valve, racing flywheel, exhaust race heaters with Eisenmann sport street twin pipe muffler. Ca 280 to 290 HP, great low torque for track, street or Rally use.
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Rebuilt 356 - 912 SC engine

EUR 16'000.00
High Swiss quality and fully rebuilt engine - 12V engine. new balanced crankshaft, new MAHLE piston cylinders, rebuilt dynamo and carburetors etc. Standard 1600 ccm with original SC cam shaft, improved ports, balanced and polished con rods. Ca 95 to 100 hp. No engine nr. stamped, new third piece crank case cover.
Test run of engine 12. June, runs very nice. included are: new muffler, new 200mm 356 flywheel, new airfilters.
Ask for short video clip of running engine.
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Porsche 616-33-1 industrial engines

Eur inquire
We will get some good late version Industrial engines.
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