We offer a selection of rare Porsche cars and rare spare parts.

We provide appraisals worldwide, research work, search - find of Porsche and other fine vintage cars, supervision and inspection of restoration work, consulting for collectors.

Our 40+ years of experience guarantees the necessary worldwide contacts.

We produce our own line of limited restoration parts and stock rare NOS (New Old Stock) and used rare parts.

Marco Marinello, born 1953, owner and manager of ELEVENPARTS AG, founded in 1985.

I have owned Porsche cars since my 18th birthday. I have always enjoyed the technical side of these fine sports cars. The fixing, rebuilding, driving, racing and chasing 911 and 356's cars and parts became a true passion. I was one of the founding members of the Porsche 356 Euroclub (today the German 356 club), I'm a long time board member of the Porsche Club Basel, Honorary member of the PC Great Britain and the Registro 356 Italy. 20 years member of PCA - Southeast Michigan, 30 years 356 Registry, USA, Porsche Diesel Club and a few others.

My passion for the 356 took me (and my wife Carol) to more than 25 International 356 meetings and countless other Porsche events. I participated in many vintage Rallies and Racing events. I had the pleasure to co-organize many Porsche events and meetings and I acted many-times as concourse judge. I had the honor to contribute my Porsche knowledge to many books and articles and act as an advisor for auction companies.

For 40+ years I collected Porsche literature and I am now very proud to own some of the rarest literature pieces that Porsche ever printed. On many occasions I contributed to research work for the Porsche Archive in Zuffenhausen.

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