Cylinder head 356 B-C-SC - 912

616 104 036 00 / 05
Excellent new reproduction (China) of the 356-912 cylinder-heads.
We mounted them on an engine with valves, rocker-arms, tubes etc. and
all fitted perfectly ! These heads are an exact reproduction of the original heads.
Intake and exhaust ports are precisely machined.
To be used with standard valves and standard spark plugs.
Sold with installed valve guides and modern valve seats.
Can also be used with Zenith carburetors. The Zenith manifolds can be easily adjusted
to the bigger Solex ports. Heads come with 4 new exhaust studs.

To rebuild a cylinder head: clean, replace seats and guides, it will cost at least
Euro 500.00 per head. Many heads are cracked, then you spend double that amount.
weight per head 5,05 kg
Valve size
38 mm intake 3044
34 mm exhaust 3048
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NEW 356 912 rocker shaft assembly

ELE 105 321 99
NEW. From our high precission swiss producer JPS complete rockershaft rebuild
kit for one engine. Sold ONLY as kit. All parts of highest quality materials and
precission. All CNC machined.
Kit for one engine includes:
- 12 special washer with perfect radius (many old ones are cracked) 616 105 314 00
- 12 spacer sleeves 616 105 312 00
- 4 short shaft carbon nitriting 56HRC 616 105 325 00
- 2 long shaft " 616 105 321 00
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356 - 912 Push rod, street and racing

ELE 105 028 02
We are pleased to offer new pushrods in highest Swiss quality. Also suitable
for race engine for high RPM. Much stronger aircraft alloy material (AA2124 T851)
much lighter to have minimum reciprocating mass, slim to make sure they don't
touch the oil return tubes. (Some early B pushrods had this problem)
The standard length is 256,7 mm (10.106"), we offer a short version with 255.7 mm
(10.067") for engines that the heads were resurfaced.
Standard length fits ALL 356 engines, cast or alloy cylinders !
Many old push rods are slightly bent and the oil holes are plugged. For every serious
full engine rebuild, the push rods should be replaced.
Made in Switzerland by JPS, exclusively sold by us.
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356 - 912 Racing and street deep sump

616 101 039 99
NEW !! Made in high precision and perfect SWISS quality.
Small deep sump for 356 - 912 engines, 0.3L more oil, prevents oil
starvation in long corners, better cooling, strong ring magnetic filter installed.
Easy to install, all hardware included. For street and track use.
Made in Switzerland by JPS, exclusively sold by us.
If the 356 has new transmission rubber mounts installed, the deep sump
will have more ground clearance then the lowest point, which is the transmission
hoop. Ground clearance on 912 is no problem.
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356 spark plug connectors

616 609 303 00
BERU spark plug connectors. The good quality with rubber sleeve.
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SOLEX velocity stacks

ELE 108 203 20
Very nice new production for the SOLEX 40 carburetors. With special screws.
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Chrome pipe exhaust tip 356 pre A and A -57

547 54 110
Excellent reproduction of the early exhaust chrome tips. Factory installed on Super cars, optional for all others. Heavy brass pipe with deep chrome, 120 gr.
Correct square rolled edge. For 45 mm pipes, 160 mm length.
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NEW oil cooler for pushrod

Alloy oil cooler with much better performance.
45% lighter then steel cooler, no engine case cracking
20% more surface to cool
30% better airflow
All proper rebuild require a new oil cooler. You never ever get all the dirt out of a old used cooler. Don't risk you new engine to safe a few $
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NOS fuel filter for early engine

539 108 909 08 original fuel filter for early engines
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Solex 40 Race air intakes

ELE 108 203 11
Nice new reproduction for the racer 356 with Solex 40. Available in silver and red. 60 mm high. Improves overall performance.
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NEW Oel - Oil cap for 356

New perfect reproduction of the long time missing oil cap for the Porsche 356 late B, C and SC, Carrera, 912 and very early 911.
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Porsche 356 generator pulley half

Excellent new reproduction, Made in Italy, of the generator pulley half. outer Ref. Nr. 539.09.315, inner with notch Ref. Nr. 539.09.316. Perfect fit on shaft and correct white zinc plated.
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New Big bore kits with alloy "Biral" cylinder, 86 mm 1720 ccm

NLA 103 901 96 - 98
New Big bore generation, with alloy cast cylinder, much lighter (1.56 kg versus 2.14 kg !!) much better heat dissipation, ensuring strength and thermal control. Available with high grate forged JE piston or for normal use with cast pistons.
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NEW - Air-cleaner for Zenith and Solex

616 08 108
New KNECHT SPORT air cleaner for all Zenith 32 and Solex 40. Ref. Part. Nr. 616 08 108 (Zenith) 527 08 801 (Solex) Hight 80 mm, Diameter 130 mm, Intake diameter 66 mm. Special fine dust filter permanently inside. The filter can be washed with cleaning solvent.
New improved version with velocity stack for better performance.
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356 Super 90 - SC - 912 Sport Airfilter

New and improved reproduction of the KNECHT air filters for all Solex 40 carburetors. Used on Super 90 - SC - 912. Fixed filter element, it can be cleaned with cleaning solvent. 35 mm velocity stacks inside. Original filter do not have any stacks. Includes screws and washer. Cover and bottom plate and wire mesh in alloy.
Power increase 2-4 HP, tested by John Willhoit.
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12 V Starter Motor 1.3 HP

Hi - Horse 12 V starter motor. 1.3 HP, 1:4.4 gear ratio, only 4 kg, 5 full roller bearing construction, front plate can be rotated for perfect fit, fits any 356 with 12V.
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Distributer drive for push rod engine

Original NOS distributer drive for all push rod engine. Lim. quantity. Get rid of that old worn out drive.
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Solex racing air intake

Excellent air intake for the Solex carburators. For pushrod and Carrera. Better sound, better performance, better looks.
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NEW Sport and Racing cam for 356 and 912

Excellent Sport and Racing cams for all pushrod engines.
ZH-1 Zenith carbs, street and rally and big bore
ZH-2 Zenith carbs, rally and sport and big bore
SX-1 Solex carbs, street and sport, mild, big bore
SX-2 Solex carbs, sport and rally, big bore
SX-3 Solex carbs, full racing
RO200 same as SC - 912
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Oil pressure switches

Authentic pressure switches.
Screw conn. NLA 613 571 00
Spade conn. 356C NLA 613 571 01
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