EUR 9'500.00
One set of NOS - new old stock - WEBER 46 3C left and right in old Weber box. Used on 2L 911 engine for 911R, 904, 906.
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1967 Porsche 911 R alloy bumper

For the 911 R Prototyp R3 and R4 Porsche race department produced a set of front and rear bumpers, doors and lids in alloy to compare weight and costs versus fiberglass.
This right rear bumper corner is one of these experimental pieces. Beautifully hand crafted, only 750 Gramm !!
Unless you own one of these R's, it is a wonderful conversation collection piece......
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3L RS RSR Exhaust

NOS racing exhaust for the 3 L RS RSR. Leistritz produced, only 8 kg. Maybe the only NOS one existing.
Smal tend from storage.
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Porsche 911 2.7RS NOS swing axel

Left and right new old stock NOS. Only the 2.7RS had these reinforced short rear arms. For 1. and 2. series.
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911 RALLY - STREET racing exhaust 3 RS, RSR, SC/RS

EUR 2'150.00
Excellent and fully authentic reproduction of the original Racing exhaust. Made in Germany. ONLY for 3RS, RSR and SC/RS race engines with RSR cam shaft. 3.0L or bigger. Inside the muffler is the correct cross-over pipe. Intake flange diameter 52mm. Weight only 6.8 KG/15 pd. Made in thin gauge mild steel as the originals. Terrific sound, excellent performance.
Marching headers from the same producer in Germany. Handmade with perfect fit and performance. Made for F or G Modell 911. Euro 1'950.00 per set.
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"PRESCHONA" oil pressure relief valve

EUR 3'500.00
These very rare, adjustable pressure relief vales were mounted in the 914/6 GT, most of the 2.3 S/T and some of the 2.8 RSR. Excellent reproduction made in Germany. Only a few available.
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100 L racing long distance fuel tank

EUR 2500.00
Reproduction tank, hand made in Italy, bottom base from original tank. Tank with fender filler Euro 3000.00, with centre filler Euro 3200. Plus Euro 500.00 core charge for old tank. you can send your tank to avoid the core charge.
All tanks are air pressure tested. We deliver the tanks NON painted in case you have to make adjustments to fit your car. Tank must be fluid tested before installing !
Option M code 9499 available after October 1966.
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Porsche 911 R front indicator lights

The 911 R small front position lights, white with chrome or orange. Old stock.
White Euro 40.00 each
Orange Euro 35.00 each
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Magneti MARELLI Competizione sticker

EUR 15.00
This stickers were used on the 911 twin plug Marelli distributor caps. Excellent reproduction.
Delivery in Europe Euro 16.00 incl. airmail postage.
Outside Europe Euro 17.00
Use Paypal
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911 racing fan housing

Reproduction of the small diameter racing fan housing in alloy. Excellent quality and fit. The attachment holes for the plastic shroud are not drill, allows you to fit the shroud perfectly. We offer to machine and install your fan and alternator. The housing will be machined for the large or the small alternator.
Attention - the small 227 mm fan housing was designed for engines without the engine mounted oil cooler. It should not be used for engines with mounted oil cooler. There was also a small power increase of 3 to 4 HP but at the same time less air for the heating system !
Euro 1300.00 housing, specify the alternator
Euro 1800.00 with you fan and alternator perfectly fitted.
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BOSCH twin plug distributor NEW 2.8 - 3.0 RSR

EUR sold out
New, excellent reproduction of the BOSCH twin plug distributor with advance.
Custom made to connect with 3, 6 and 8 connectors, also for 3 and 6 connector PermaTune or best, used our perfect adjusted ignition box which is in a reproduction Bosch HKZ housing. Distributor turn clockwise and advance curve is set to your engine specifications.
Distributor complete with cap and rotor, Counter clockwise on request.
High performance electronic ignition box inside reproduction HKZ housing, Euro inquire.
Also available spare cap and rotor:
New perfect reproduction of the brown Bosch twin plug cap and rotor.
Brown cap
Brown - Black
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911 racing fuel injection pump RED TAP

EUR Inquire
We are able to offer you excellent quality 911 racing fuel pumps. Fully rebuilt, looks very close to the real 1008, 1058, 1076, 1077 racing pump. Original race pumps are nearly impossible to find and are very expensive. We use V109 or our own pump cams that we have fully tested. We will adjust the pump to your specifications. The pumps will work for any twin plug race engine from 2.0 up to 3.4L.
We need in exchange a core original inj. pump from a 2.0 or 2.2 L 911. BOSCH parts number must be xxx 001, 002, 005, 006, 009, 010. Delivery time ca. 2-4 weeks. Built in Germany to highest quality, fully BOSCH bench tested.
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911 foot rest

EUR 50.00
Optional available from Porsche for all early 911 and standard with most Porsche 911 racing cars. New, excellent left foot rest. Can be mounted with screws or welded.
Also in stock, limited number of Porsche original parts. NOS. Euro 75.00 each.
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934 ? 935 ? air intake boxes

EUR Inquire
Left and right air boxes. We are not sure about the model
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911 Turbo Gr. B front bumpers

EUR 1250.00 each
Original front bumper for Gr. B Turbo
- 2 pcs NOS with out fog lights
- 1 pcs NOS with fog lights cut out
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911 RSR IROC rear bumper

EUR 1600.00
Original rear bumper RSR and IROC, new
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Engine case breather box

EUR sold
Used on all race cars, engine breather box, mounted at the rear right.
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911 RSR 110 L fuel tank

EUR 2'750.00
Excellent reproduction of the large racing fuel tank. Used for all RSR or optional on RS. Includes filler neck, cap, holding strap and fuel sending unit.
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Porsche 924 GTR GTS air intake NOS

EUR 1250.00
New Old Stock, original air intake for Porsche 924 GTR and GTS
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BOSCH twin plug distributor cap and rotor

New perfect reproduction of the brown Bosch twin plug cap and rotor.
Brown cap
Brown-Black rotor
Black cap NLA

The quality of brown or black is identical
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Recaro sport seat frame reinforcements

EUR 360.00
New reproduction of the Recaro sport seat reinforcements. 2 per seat. Sold only in sets of 4 pcs.
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Swiss 911 Tow-Jack - F.I.A.

EUR 220.00
High quality Tow-Jack for Porsche 911. A must for all serious and hobby racers and Rally drivers. Easy 2 screw mounting, 1 Minute mounting time ! Base bracket with integrated Jack point. Tow hock: long FIA size for track days, short for permanent Rally or street use. Specify long or short kit.
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RSR rear engine support

EUR 450.00
Perfect, Swiss quality, reproduction of the reinforced engine support. Used on RSR. Perfect fit, excellent welding.
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MARELLI distributer for 906 - 910, 911 R - 2.3 2.5 S/T - 2.8 RSR

EUR Inquire
Outstanding partial reproduction of the original Marelli distributer, used by Porsche on all 6 cyl. race engines up to 1975. Type S121 A for the small case and S121 B for the large case. Both versions with mechanical points or with full electronic point. No HKZ needed, only high power coil like BERU ZS106. Some of the parts are old stock Marelli and some of the parts are new production. Each one tested to 9000 rpm on BOSCH and Marelli test bench. We also supply full rebuild of your old distributor. We also supply reproduction caps, rotors and points. We try to keep all versions in stock but delivery may take a few weeks. Not cheap - but perfect in all respects.
there are some reproduction caps, rotors and points in the market that are cheaper but of bad quality. We tested them and noticed that they can destroy your distributer ! They look similar but are of inferior (bad) quality. Our parts are a little more expensive but there is a reason for it.
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MARELLI distributer cap, points and rotor reproduction

Very good new reproduction for the Marelli twin plug cap and rotor. Cap Euro 450.00, Rotor Euro 280.00, points repair kit Euro 45.00 each, Point completely new Euro 280.00 - minimum order 4 pcs for one distributor. To replace the points, we suggest that you send us your distributor for rebuild and adjustment. - See offer for complete MARELLI distributor.
there are some reproduction caps, rotors and points in the market that are cheaper but of bad quality. We tested them and noticed that they can destroy your distributer ! They look similar but are of inferior (bad) quality. Our parts are a little more expensive but there is a reason for it.
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