Porsche 911 "R" body kit

Complete set of front hood, 2 front fenders, front bumper, doors, rear lid, rear bumper.
For 911 SWB car, came off a real 911R in the 90's. Rear lid and front hood have alloy frames. Front fenders are bumper are for wide body. Old fiberglass parts, not bad quality but we don't think they are factory. The R was raced in France then sold to America and restored.
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FUCHS 911R rims, 7x15

EUR 4'800.00
Two used but very good original 911R or ST wheels. Date stamps on both 2/68
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WEBER 46 IDA carburetor

EUR 9'500.00
Good set of original WEBER 46 IDA for racing 911 or 906. With magnesium manifolds.
Carbs should be rebuilt.
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2 FUCHS wheels 911R 7 x 15"

EUR 3800.00
1 very nice and clean original 7R wheels. Dated 1970.
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PORSCHE intake manifold Weber 46mm

EUR 3800.00
Set of original MAGNESIUM 46mm intake manifold for Porsche 906, 910, R or any racing 911
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Original Porsche 916 914-6 gearbox

EUR Inquire
VERY RARE original 915 gearbox for the Porsche 916. The 916 was the special 914-6 Version with 2.4L engine. Only a few cars were built and then replaced by the 2.7RS.
This rare gearbox allows to use the strong 915 gearbox in a 914-6. The small original 901-911 gearbox in a 914-6 is not strong enough for the bigger more powerful engines.
This gearbox was used only once or twice. The ratio is very short, it has a limited slip. This is a must have gearbox for any powerful 914-6 sport or race car.
The special shift linkage to fit a 915 gearbox into a 914-6 has been copied by several vendors. Some good some not so good but always expensive since it is very complicated.
This gearbox is THE REAL THING. You will not find an other one !
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Original RSR racing fuel tank

EUR 7'500.00
Old used original RSR S/T 110L racing fuel tank. Dated 11.1971. Air pressure control OK. Fuel sender hole closed, bottom was painted white, most likely with the race car.
Good to have for a period authentic race car.
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FUCHS 7" 911R 1970

Two good, original and rare 7x15 FUCHS wheels for 911R or 911 race cars. Both with the same date 1.70
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Set of 4 MINILITE 7x15

EUR 2600.00 all 4
Full set of used old MINILITE, 7 x 15, ET17mm, 7 kg. These are the latter ones from the 80's in alloy. Sand blasted and ready for paint. White, Silver, Gold ?
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Original used 2.7 RSL carpet set

EUR make offer
This original used carpet set came from the Porsche 911 2.7 Carrera RS Light Weight VIN Nr. 911 360 1580 that I sold some years ago. The car was fitted with a new reproduction carpet set. Some time after the sale the previous owner found the old original carpets.
Most new carpets for light weight's available today are the wrong material.
Also fits any 2.8 RSR and would give the car an authentic look - some RSR do need this ....... for at least some authenticity.....
If your offer is good enough, I will not ask for the vin number !
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Racing R 911 rev. counter

For all early 911 1964 to 1967 hot rod and racing cars, 10'000 rev. counter, perfect rebuilt,
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FUCHS 7" 911R 1968

EUR sold
2 very nice and clean 7" Fuchs. Dated 1968
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FUCHS 9" and 11" x 15 for RSR - very nice

4 original racing FUCHS rims, 9" and 11" dates 973, xx3, 973, x73. Correctly refurbished and balanced.
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FUCHS 9" and 11" x 15 for RSR - concours condition

EUR inquire - expensive
4 original racing Fuchs rims in top condition, balanced and inspected and refurbished. Dates 976, 576, x72, 873? 9" 911 361 020 03 - 11" 911 361 020 05
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Porsche 911 RSR light weight seats

EUR reserved
One set of original 2.8/3.0 RSR light weight seats. Original set with old material and correct recline adjusters. Very light, very uncomfortable..... but originals.
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WEBER 40 (42) IDS3C1 carburetors

EUR Inquire
One set of fully rebuilt original WEBER 40 carburetors.
Changed to 42mm butter fly for racing.
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S/T fuel injection pump - ultra rare

EUR Inquire
Original racing fuel injection pump BOSCH V1008. Used with factory 2.0 injection or with the rare 2.3 S/T.
Fully rebuilt by expert. Bench test show that this pump would be perfect for 2.3 highbutterfly or 2.5 race engine.
See original and matching high butterfly magnesium set.
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BOSCH distributor 2.8 - 3.0 RSR - Ign. box - rev. limiter

EUR 12'500.00
Original BOSCH distributor for 2.8 and 3.0 RSR, with advance, fully rebuilt with new cap and rotor. 6 conn. ignition boxes, tested and one very rare racing revolution limiter. Includes Bosch tech sheet.
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Racing 85L fuel tank

EUR Inquire - make offer
This fuel tank came out of a factory Rally car. Needs to be checked and tested but looks OK.
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916 - 915 Gearbox rebuilt

EUR 16'000.00
Original 1977 gearbox, fully rebuilt, 915/60 with complete 916 side shifter mechanism installed and adjusted. Highest Swiss quality. Perfect (or a must) for high power 914/6 GT cars.
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Original high butterfly for RSR

EUR sold
One set of factory original high butterfly for 2.8 RSR or 3.0 RSR. Our reproductions are very close but real originals are originals for the real collector. 50 mm butterfly, 42 mm at intake.
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935 factory steel connection rods

EUR 2400.00 set of 6
One set of factory racing team steel rods for the 935. Balanced, within a few grams, fully polished. Came from P race department. Good for up to 800 HP
they take regular bearings !! It takes many hours to professionally polish each rod.
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Oil lines and thermostat

- RSR steel line ? 650.00
- R alloy line ? 850.00
- Thermostat ? 800.00
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Steel hood and rear lid

EUR 1250.00
early steel hood used on race 911 and rear lid from 2L S
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100 L used racing or touring fuel tank

Original nice and very rare 100L fuel tank for early 911, sandblasted and painted, filled with safety foam, good condition.
See new parts for reproduction.
Option M code 9499 available after October 1966.
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Porsche 911 early fan housing

EUR 1500.00
Fan housing for early - 73, fan part polished and thermal evaporated, housing painted and good working MARCHAL alternator.
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Porsche type 916 front bumper

EUR 300.00
Reproduction of 916 style fiberglass front bumper. NO shipping, pick up and cash deal
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Porsche 934 - 935 - RSR BOSCH distributor 013

EUR 6'500.00
BOSCH race distributor Nr. 013 without advance. Cap was repaired, otherwise good condition.
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Race con. rod - RSR Titanium and steel

EUR details
One set of 2.8 RSR titanium rods Euro 6000.00

One set of 3 RS polished steel rods Euro 4000.00
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Ignition box for 3.2 - 3.4 Paris - Dakar Rally car

EUR 2'600.00
Original race ignition box for Paris - Dakar Rally car.
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